Top Donut Shops in Cleveland and NEO

October 29, 2023

Todd Hall

MMMM, Donuts!

Cleveland, Ohio, is known for its vibrant food scene, and one particular treat that has gained immense popularity over the years is donuts. Whether you prefer classic glazed donuts or unique and inventive flavors, Cleveland has a variety of exceptional donut shops that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Here are some of the best donut spots in and around Cleveland.


Located in the Gordon Square Arts District, Brewnuts is a donut and craft beer bar that offers a delightful combination of two beloved indulgences. Their donuts are made from scratch daily, using locally sourced ingredients and craft beer in the batter. With flavors like Maple Bacon, Fruity Pebbles, and Cereal Milk Glaze, Brewnuts pushes the boundaries of traditional donut flavors.

2. Jack Frost Donuts:

A Cleveland institution since 1937, Jack Frost Donuts has been serving delicious donuts for generations. Their old-fashioned donuts are made with a secret family recipe, resulting in a light and fluffy texture that keeps customers coming back for more. From classic glazed to chocolate frosted, Jack Frost has all the traditional flavors you crave.

3. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts:

This groovy donut shop has multiple locations in the Cleveland area, including one in the trendy Ohio City neighborhood. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts is known for its unique and creative flavors, such as Maple Bacon, S’mores, and Raspberry Lemonade. Their donuts are small and bite-sized, making it easy to try a variety of flavors in one visit.

4. The Vegan Doughnut Company:

For those with dietary restrictions or simply looking for a healthier alternative, The Vegan Doughnut Company offers a delectable selection of vegan donuts. Located in Lakewood, this bakery specializes in creating vegan donuts that are just as delicious as their non-vegan counterparts. Their flavors range from classic cinnamon sugar to more adventurous options like Matcha Green Tea and Blueberry Lemon.

5. Presti’s Bakery:

Although primarily known for its Italian pastries and cannoli, Presti’s Bakery in Little Italy also serves mouthwatering donuts. These donuts are made fresh daily and come in various flavors, including traditional glazed, chocolate frosted, and jelly-filled. Pair your donut with a cup of their rich espresso for the ultimate treat.

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