Cavaliers Week In Review: Week 8 of Season 12/19/23

December 19, 2023

Andy Billman

News and Notes

The mid-week report comes as the Cavs lost two-star players, Darius Garland and Evan Mobley, for multiple weeks.  Cleveland has responded by winning two in a row.  Let’s break down three players who have stepped up their game.

1 – Jarrett Allen

One of the first players to think of when Evan Mobley went out with his knee was Jarrett Allen, and Allen has answered the challenge with a double-double against the Hawks with a season-high in rebounds 14. Allen was in foul trouble against the Rockets, but unlike earlier in the season, he did not foul out and made big contributions late in the game to help get the Cavs a win. 

2 – Isaac Okoro

Isaac Okoro has missed a lot of games himself so far in this early season, missing eleven games.  Thankfully Okoro is now healthy and he’s making an impact averaging six more per game in this two-game stretch, scoring 13.5 points while shooting 62% from the field.  Furthermore, he is not turning the ball over while racking nine assists in the two games.

3 – Dean Wade

At the end of last season, it felt like Dean Wade had regressed and was getting pushed around in the playoffs.  Not so far in the fall of 2023, and he has also been very good in this two-game stretch with 28 points in the two games, shooting over 60 percent from behind the arc.  Wade is also playing great defense while starting for the Cavs. 

Cavs Enter Week With Record 15-2 | 6th Place in Eastern Conference

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