Daily Believe In The Land: 3/29/24

March 29, 2024

Andy Billman

1 – Dan Gilbert talks about Donovan Mitchell staying in Cleveland. 

The Cavs have had a side story the entire season: Will Donovan Mitchell sign a contract to stay in Cleveland beyond the 2024-25 season? No one is better to give an update than Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. 

Gilbert spoke to the Associated Press on Thursday and said, regarding Mitchell’s long-term stay in Cleveland, “We think he will extend. I think if you listen to him talk, he loves the city.”  

He went on to say, “He loves the situation in Cleveland because our players are very young, and we’re just kind of putting the core together that he’s clearly the biggest part of.”

WOW!  That is great to hear, and I give Gilbert credit for speaking about the Mitchell contract on the record.  Kudos to Dan.

It does not mean it will happen, but even hearing some positive chatter from the owner on this topic helps with Mitchell leaving anxiety. 

2 – Cavs Morris Latest

According to Cleveland.com, the Cavs will sign Marcus Morris Sr. to a contract to finish the season with the Cavaliers.

This makes a lot of sense, as Morris has experience and has done a good job coming in quickly to make plays for the Cavs. Cleveland still has injury issues, so they need Morris as Dean Wade remains out.  Finally, Morris is tough and plays with an edge, which is sometimes missing with Cleveland. 

3 – Guardians win!

The Guards start the 2024 season with a victory, shutting out the A’s 8-0. Ace Shane Bieber pitched six shutout innings while striking out eleven. 

Congrats to Stephan Vogt on earning his first victory as skipper.

A deeper look at this game shows that three players who were in and out of the lineup a lot in 2023 looked solid at the plate.  David Fry, Tyler Freeman, and Brayan Rocchio all look the part in game one, and I’m hoping Vogt keeps all three in the lineup more than just here and there starts.  

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