Daily Believe In The Land: 4/2/24

April 2, 2024

Andy Billman

1 – Cavs turn the page

March was not a good month for our Cavaliers, who went 7-10 without any back-to-back wins. With only seven games left, time is running out. Donovan Mitchell voiced some frustration after the blowout loss to Denver on Easter, which was a good indication of the temperature of the Cavs locker room.  

I don’t think there’s complete panic, but they realize, just like we do as fans, that they must turn this around quickly before the playoffs start.  The Cavs do get a break in the schedule on Tuesday night, playing a banged-up Utah Jazz club; they need to take advantage of it.

2 – More on the Cavs with Mobley and Allen 

I hope Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff uses the successful lineups in January and into February here in the next few games. The combination of Mitchell, Jarrett Allen, and three shooters on the floor worked well for the Cavs.   Allen is having a great season, but the pairing up of Evan Mobley with Allen has been a challenging experience.  They have moments, like when Mobley shoots the well from deep; he fits in well with the lineup.  But when Mobley is not hitting long jumpers, the option of Mobley and Allen in the paint is clogging the lane on offense.  It is painfully apparent.  

3 – Guardians starters

It is early, but the Guardians starters are not getting much length early. Again, on Monday night, Triston McKenzie was only able to go 3.1 innings as the bullpen had to go to extra lengths. The Guardians have only one quality start from a starter, and that was from Shane Bieber in the opener. Cleveland needs some innings from its starters soon, or the bullpen, which is already dealing with injury issues, is going to become burned out. 

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