Siaki Ika | Browns Fans Should Be Excited

May 1, 2023

Andy Billman

Here’s how Siaki Ika helps the Browns

Out of all of the players the Browns chose in the recent 2023 NFL Draft, it is in our opinion to get most excited about DT Siaki Ika.  Here’s the reasoning why for getting excited about Abu (Ika’s nickname):

1 – He will have a chance to play immediately.

By far, the weakest position group on the Browns last year was defensive tackle, and outside of the signing of Tomlinson, the group needs a jolt.  Enter Ika, who will have a chance to shine immediately.

2 – Run stopping issues no more 

The Browns run defense was a backbreaker in multiple games last year.  Nothing is more deflating to a team than watching the opponent run the ball all over your defense.  With Ika’s size along with his skill set, there’s finally some hope of stopping the run.

3 – Helping Myles Garrett

If Apu performs like he is supposed to project to do (adding Tomlinson, too), it will make Myles Garrett more productive on the edge.  Garrett needs help to lift the line; having two bigs clogging the middle should open up Garrett to more sacks and opportunities to make plays.

4 – Perrion Winfrey 

Winfrey came in with hype and enthusiasm but failed to live up to all of his talk.   With his recent legal troubles, Ika is a good insurance policy, at least in case, Winfrey, continues to spiral.  

5 – Schwartz

This gives Schwartz an opportunity to allow his defensive scheme to succeed.  Before the draft, even with the signing of Tomlinson, a lot of concerns still remained about the defensive line.  The Ika draft gives a chance for Schwartz to shine along with the defensive line to improve. From – “Love the way you play the game on tape,” Schwartz said to Apu. “You play the game the way it should be played. We’re really excited about having you here.” Schwartz added, “You’re not a dump truck anymore, Apu. You’re a Ferrari.”

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    Ron Victor

    This is some good content. Can’t wait to read more

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