AFC North: Standings, Week 10 Game Recaps, and Upcoming Week 11 Matchups

November 13, 2023

Todd Hall

While we appreciate the entire NFL all we really care about is the AFC North! We provide AFC North NFL standings on a weekly basis, including all teams’ upcoming games for the week. This resource provides a clear overview of each team’s wins, losses, and ties, allowing you to track the division’s developments. Whether you’re a passionate fan or just curious about the AFC North’s progress, this source keeps you updated on the division’s dynamics and upcoming games.

Standings in the AFC North After 10 Weeks

AFC North Opponents Game Recaps From Week 10, Up-Coming Week 11 and Week 12 Games

Cincinnati Bengals

Week 10 Game Recap: Lost to Arizona Cardinals

C.J. Stroud rallied past a late mistake, guiding the Texans to a significant victory away from home. The young quarterback continued his impressive season, showcasing adept movement in the pocket and near-perfect accuracy. He produced eight pass plays exceeding 20 yards. However, the day wasn’t flawless for the QB. Early on, Stroud encountered two fumbles within scoring range. Later, while holding a 10-point lead, he made a critical error in a throw to Tank Dell, resulting in an interception that led to a Bengals touchdown. Despite this setback, Stroud rebounded and orchestrated a quick drive, setting up the game-winning field goal with precision passes to Dalton Schultz and Noah Brown. This display highlighted Stroud’s resilience and prowess, nudging him into MVP discussions and solidifying his candidacy for Offensive Rookie of the Year as the Texans moved to a 5-4 record.

The Bengals will lament missed opportunities. Following Joe Burrow’s remarkable 32-yard touchdown pass early in the game, the Bengals’ offense faltered, enduring four consecutive unproductive possessions across the second and third quarters. Even with the defense forcing early turnovers, the offense couldn’t capitalize. Burrow’s explosive plays, notably a 64-yard touchdown to Ja’Marr Chase, brought Cincinnati back into contention, narrowing the gap to three points in the third quarter. Nevertheless, crucial drops, missed opportunities, and defensive lapses haunted the Bengals, preventing them from seizing the lead. Despite the Texans’ defense causing problems for Burrow throughout the game, the Bengals fell short in their comeback bid, setting a disappointing tone for their upcoming clash with Baltimore.

Houston discovered a potent running game with Devin Singletary’s contributions, offering much-needed strength to an offense that previously struggled on the ground. Singletary’s impressive vision and speed on the edges resulted in 150 rushing yards and a touchdown from 30 carries. His avoidance of negative plays that plagued the team, coupled with Stroud’s remarkable passes, enabled the Texans to amass 544 total yards against the Bengals, averaging 7.4 yards per play and outgaining Cincinnati by 164 yards in this critical road triumph.

Bengals Opponent Week 11 Opponent: Baltimore Ravens

Upcoming Opponent Week 12:

Baltimore Ravens

Week 10 Game Recap: Lost to Cleveland Browns

Browns showcased remarkable resilience in their victory, defying the odds and their own mistakes. Despite setbacks like James Proche’s fumbled punt, critical defensive penalties, and facing a daunting 14-point fourth-quarter deficit, Cleveland refused to back down. Rapidly advancing down the field, they narrowed the score, secured a crucial defensive score, and persisted through a missed extra point. Their relentless determination led to a pivotal defensive stop and a decisive march down the field, culminating in Dustin Hopkins’ successful 40-yard kick. The Ravens were left reeling, while the Browns asserted their refusal to yield, marking a potential turning point for a team that seemed destined for defeat, yet conjured an impressive win.

The Ravens succumbed once more to fourth-quarter struggles, marking a disheartening pattern in their losses this season. Despite establishing a commanding lead with Gus Edwards’ touchdown, their defense faltered, allowing Cleveland to swiftly carve a path to a touchdown. Familiar mistakes haunted the Ravens, echoing their prior loss to the Steelers, as a pivotal interception, this time by Greg Newsome, paved the way for an improbable Browns comeback. The final moments revealed Cleveland’s sheer determination, particularly a standout play where Jerome Ford’s 12-yard run saw an entire team pushing for additional yards, illustrating their unwavering resolve. This unexpected outcome raises concerns for a team that’s widely regarded as one of the NFL’s elite, as championship contenders don’t let victories slip away, particularly on home turf.

Deshaun Watson marked a memorable milestone as a member of the Browns in a rollercoaster performance. While beginning the game with an early turnover and struggling to find his rhythm in the first half, Watson gradually settled in, despite battling an apparent injury, visible as he was in a walking boot after the game. His second-half display showcased his diverse skill set, from crucial scrambles for first downs to extending plays and delivering precise passes, notably the 10-yard touchdown throw to Elijah Moore. Although his stats might not fully capture it, Watson, alongside a robust running game led by Ford, spearheaded an unforgettable and unexpected victory for Cleveland, leaving a lasting impression on the fans and the team.

Ravens Opponent Week 11 Opponent: vs Cincinnati Bengals

Upcoming Opponent Week 12:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 10 Game Recap: Beat Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh secures another thrilling victory, leaning on their run game to propel them to success. Despite being outgained and outscored throughout the season, the Steelers have found a winning formula, now standing at 6-3 after a late defensive stand against Green Bay. A significant part of this winning recipe lies in their recently more effective run game. In their latest game, running backs Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris combined for 183 yards on 31 carries, each securing a touchdown in the first half and contributing heavily to the late-game efforts. Their ground game, notably supported by Broderick Jones’s pivotal blocks, proved essential in sealing the win, altering the game’s dynamics, and forcing Green Bay to push for touchdowns in their unsuccessful final drives, both ending in interceptions.

On the other side, a tough fourth quarter led to the downfall of Jordan Love and the Packers. Despite Love’s promising start with two impressive touchdown passes in the first half, his struggle in the fourth quarter, marked by crucial interceptions, overshadowed his earlier successes. His inability to convert in the final minutes, particularly on ill-advised passes and turnovers, ultimately cost the Packers the game.

Although not flawless, the Steelers’ defense managed to produce crucial plays when needed. Despite some defensive lapses, injuries to key linebackers, and coverage challenges, their ability to capitalize on crucial moments was evident. Intercepting Love twice in the final minutes, with Patrick Peterson and Damontae Kazee making pivotal plays, sealed the Steelers’ victory. While there are areas to improve, their ability to prevent opponents from scoring outweighs the yards gained against them.

Pittsburgh Steelers Week 11 Opponent: Cleveland Browns

Upcoming Opponent Week 12:

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