AFC North: Standings, Week 13 Game Recaps, and Upcoming Week 14 Matchups

December 5, 2023

Todd Hall

While we appreciate the entire NFL all we care about is the AFC North! We provide AFC North NFL standings every week, including all teams’ upcoming games for the week. This resource provides a clear overview of each team’s wins, losses, and ties, allowing you to track the division’s developments. Whether you’re a passionate fan or just curious about the AFC North’s progress, this source keeps you updated on the division’s dynamics and upcoming games.

Standings in the AFC North After 13 Weeks

AFC North Opponents Game Recaps From Week 13, Up-Coming Week 14 and Week 15 Games

Cincinnati Bengals

Week 13 Game Recap: Beat Jacksonville Jaguars

Jake Browning emerges as a hero, stepping into the spotlight after Joe Burrow’s season-ending wrist injury two weeks ago. While his initial performance wasn’t stellar, Browning displayed signs of improvement in a recent loss to Pittsburgh. However, Monday night marked his true breakthrough. Browning excelled, completing 32 of 37 passes for 354 yards and a crucial 76-yard touchdown to Ja’Marr Chase, propelling the Bengals to a 21-14 lead in the third quarter. Operating with the poise of a seasoned veteran, Browning efficiently managed Zac Taylor’s offense, distributing on-target passes to eight different receivers. His hard-earned victory, the first since his college days as a Husky, solidified Browning’s status as a deserving hero, overcoming doubts and earning the game ball.

The Jaguars faced an unexpected challenge on Monday night, struggling to contain Browning and failing to secure a win against the Burrow-less Bengals. Trevor Lawrence’s departure due to a severe ankle injury further compounded their woes. Though C.J. Beathard performed admirably, the air was deflated from EverBank Stadium with Lawrence’s injury. As Jaguars fans await news on the severity of Lawrence’s ankle sprain, the possibility of finishing the season without their star quarterback looms large.

Zac Taylor showcased coaching brilliance in Week 13, acknowledging Browning’s distinct style and tailoring the game plan accordingly. Emphasizing the run early on, Taylor effectively neutralized Jacksonville’s pass rush, providing Browning with the necessary time to operate. The strategic use of play-action passes capitalized on Browning’s strengths, creating a balanced offensive attack that caught the Jaguars off guard. Even when faced with interceptions, Taylor’s confidence in his game plan and the team’s resilience proved vital. Monday night’s performance is a testament to Taylor’s coaching prowess, silencing any doubts about his abilities.

Jacksonville’s loss to the Bengals opened the door for AFC South chaos, allowing the Texans and Colts to rejoin the division race. With the Jaguars’ lead reduced to just one game, the division becomes a battleground with unforeseen outcomes, especially if Lawrence’s absence is prolonged. While much remains uncertain, this loss may haunt Jacksonville as the season unfolds.

For the Bengals, Browning’s standout performance injected hope into a seemingly bleak season. Despite setbacks, including Burrow’s injury and a recent loss to the Steelers, Browning’s success revitalizes the team’s belief in their playoff aspirations. While consistent replication of such performances is uncertain, the Bengals, now brimming with confidence, enter Week 14 as a formidable opponent, potentially disrupting the AFC wild-card standings, starting with a clash against the Colts.

Bengals Opponent Week 14 Opponent: Indianapolis Colts

Upcoming Opponent Week 15:

Baltimore Ravens

Week 13 Game Recap: BYE


Ravens Opponent Week 14 Opponent: vs Los Angeles Rams

Upcoming Opponent Week 15:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 13 Game Recap: Lost to Arizona Cardinals

The connection between Kyler Murray and Trey McBride flourished in a surprising road victory for the Cardinals. Despite having only one extended drive in their first away win of the 2023 season, the Cardinals capitalized on short fields, executing three scoring drives of 33 yards or fewer. Kyler Murray heavily relied on his second-year tight end, Trey McBride, during offensive plays. McBride made an impact by catching eight passes on nine targets for 89 yards, including a crucial touchdown that secured the lead for Arizona.

The lone lengthy drive occurred at the end of the first half, where Arizona gained 109 yards from scrimmage (factoring in 10 penalty yards) during the 99-yard scoring drive. McBride contributed with receptions of 17, 12, and 15 yards before scoring the touchdown. Notably, McBride had a touchdown on the same drive nullified before successfully scoring on the next play—marking the fifth consecutive time he was targeted by Murray. Despite a late false start in the third quarter, McBride played a pivotal role in a game where offensive options were limited for the Cardinals until Conner’s standout second half. The potential return of this dynamic quarterback-tight end duo to Arizona next year could make them one of the league’s most intriguing combinations.

In a contrasting narrative, Kenny Pickett’s ankle injury added uncertainty to the Steelers’ prospects. Pickett exited Sunday’s game following a red-zone scramble, aggravating his left ankle after entering the game with a sore right ankle. The challenging field conditions forced the Steelers to turn to backup Mitchell Trubisky in the latter part of the first half. Despite a late feel-good touchdown drive, the Steelers struggled, with the first three second-half possessions resulting in a Trubisky fumble, a missed field goal, and a three-and-out.

The fumble led to a Cardinals touchdown, and another short-field advantage allowed them to secure a 24-3 lead in the fourth quarter. With a short week to assess Pickett’s health, the Steelers face the Patriots on Thursday. Although the Patriots may not be the most formidable opponent given the circumstances, their strong defense and previous success against Trubisky in Pittsburgh pose challenges for the Steelers.

Contrary to the Steelers’ attempt to attribute the game’s difficulties to bad weather, the contest was marred by ugliness even before the delays caused by lightning. The Cardinals exhibited assertiveness and cohesion, converting 10 of 17 third downs and wearing down the Steelers with their run game. Issues persisted on both sides of the ball for the Steelers, including errant shotgun snaps by Mason Cole, defensive lapses, and detrimental penalties. Nine penalties for 77 yards, including fundamental errors like illegal formations, compounded their woes. The loss further weakens the Steelers’ already tenuous playoff aspirations, raising questions about their status as a postseason-caliber team.

Pittsburgh Steelers Week 14 Opponent: New England Patriots

Upcoming Opponent Week 15:

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