AFC North: Standings, Week 8 Game Recaps, and Upcoming Week 9 Matchups

October 30, 2023

Todd Hall

While we appreciate the entire NFL all we really care about is the AFC North! We provide AFC North NFL standings on a weekly basis, including all teams’ upcoming games for the week. This resource provides a clear overview of each team’s wins, losses, and ties, allowing you to track the division’s developments. Whether you’re a passionate fan or just curious about the AFC North’s progress, this source keeps you updated on the division’s dynamics and upcoming games.

Standings in the AFC North After 8 Weeks

AFC North Opponents Game Recaps From Week 8, Up-Coming Week 9 and Week 10 Games

Cincinnati Bengals

Week 8 Game Recap: Beat San Francisco 49ers 31-17

In the best showing of the 2023 season, the Cincinnati Bengals, led by Joe Burrow, had a remarkable performance. Burrow, despite playing through a calf strain earlier in the season, was in top form, completing 87% of his passes for 283 yards and three touchdowns, showcasing the Bengals’ potential. The entire team was involved, with Ja’Marr Chase contributing a touchdown and 100 receiving yards, and Joe Mixon delivering a season-best rushing performance. Burrow is clearly the driving force behind the Bengals, who have rebounded from a 1-3 start and won their third consecutive game, heading into a crucial matchup with the Bills in Week 9.

On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers faced troubles in their home stadium as their previously undefeated streak at home was broken. Brock Purdy threw two costly interceptions, the defense allowed a season-high 31 points, and the 49ers suffered their third consecutive loss. With a bye week ahead, the Niners need to address their issues in all aspects of the game. The team, which began the season with a strong 5-0 record, is now facing challenges, particularly with Purdy’s interceptions and the need to regroup under Kyle Shanahan’s leadership.

In the same game, Bengals pass rusher Trey Hendrickson continued his impressive campaign as a dominant force on the defensive side. Despite competing against reigning Defensive Player of the Year Nick Bosa, Hendrickson recorded his eighth sack of the season and consistently pressured the opposing quarterback. He showcased his disruptive abilities, even after briefly leaving the game due to an ankle injury. Hendrickson is making a strong case to be recognized among the top-edge defenders in the league.

Bengals Opponent Week 9 Opponent: Buffalo Bills

Upcoming Opponent Week 10:

Baltimore Ravens

Week 8 Game Recap: Beat Arizona Cardinals 31-24

Arizona Cardinals should prioritize playing Kyler Murray whenever he is healthy, as Joshua Dobbs has been struggling with accuracy and decision-making. Dobbs’ performance declined, marked by a series of fumbles and interceptions. Murray’s potential return is seen as crucial for the Cardinals, especially as they face strong defensive teams in upcoming games and plan for the future.

Michael Pierce of the Ravens had an outstanding performance, demonstrating the significance of nose tackles in football despite their often-overlooked role. Pierce made critical plays, including batting down a pass, stopping a fourth-and-1 run, and strip-sacking Dobbs.

The Cardinals’ defense put up a strong fight, but their struggles in the first half ultimately led to their downfall. Despite being a first-half team this season, they faced setbacks, with turnovers and a bad interception leading to Baltimore’s halftime lead. Despite the Cardinals’ defense containing Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ rushing game for most of the game, Baltimore’s strong rushing attack posed challenges. The Cardinals’ late touchdowns gave them a chance at a comeback, but their earlier offensive mistakes prevented them from pulling it off.

Ravens Opponent Week 9 Opponent: vs Seattle Seahawks

Upcoming Opponent Week 10:

Week 8 Game Recap: Lose to Jacksonville Jaguars 20-10

In the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the weather conditions were messy, with a slippery field due to rain. Travis Etienne played a significant role in the Jaguars’ victory. He led the team in rushing with 79 yards on 24 carries and made a crucial contribution in the passing game, including a 56-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter. This touchdown helped the Jaguar’s break through after settling for field goals in previous possessions. Despite Jacksonville outgaining Pittsburgh by 116 yards, the outcome of the game seemed uncertain until Etienne’s touchdown.

The Steelers had a challenging day due to the weather conditions and injuries. Minkah Fitzpatrick suffered a hamstring injury in the first quarter, and Kenny Pickett left the game in the second quarter with a rib injury. Mitch Trubisky replaced Pickett and threw two fourth-quarter interceptions, which proved costly for the Steelers. Despite their efforts to stay competitive in the game, the loss of key players like Pickett and Fitzpatrick contributed to their downfall.

The Jaguars excelled defensively by capitalizing on turnovers. They intercepted Trubisky twice, helping to offset their three giveaways and thwarting the Steelers’ fourth-quarter comeback attempts. Jacksonville’s ability to generate takeaways has been a defining feature of their recent performances, and it played a crucial role in their victory on a day when the weather made the game challenging.

Pittsburgh Steelers Week 9 Opponent: vs. Tennesee Titans

Upcoming Opponent Week 10:

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