Are We As Browns Fans Taking Myles Garrett For Granted?

August 2, 2023

Andy Billman

3 Things To Remember About Browns DE Myles Garrett

1 – Reliable and Consistent 

I have been surprised by all of the shade that Browns superstar Myles Garrett is receiving currently from not only fans, journalists, and talking heads, but also former teammates who have not been speaking positively.  With that being said, I thought it would be a good time to analyze Garrett.

Let’s start off by saying that in the past two seasons, Garrett has averaged 16 sacks per season and has been named all-pro twice in 2020 and 2021, and second-team NFL all-pro last season.  In the past two seasons, all Garrett does is show up, ball out and while missing only two games in the past two seasons.  

2 –  Leadership Questions 

Garrett has experienced some pushback on his leadership.  Last year it was from Jadeveon Clowney and recently former teammate Malik Jackson also spoke out against Garrett saying on the NFL Network “I think he needs to take that bull by the horns and just lead more by example”.

There have been questions about leadership from the Cleveland media as well and as a Browns fan it is something of note He clearly is not connecting with his teammates at times.  

My question back is that fair and just because he is the best player on the defense does that mean he has to lead a certain way?  

There are numerous examples throughout sports when the most athletic player is not necessarily the best leader and I do think Garrett gets treated harshly on this front.  Coaches need to help him, especially Head Coach Kevin Stefanski.  At some point, this is where a coach needs to become involved and help his star player along with his teammates to all get along.

3 – New Coach and Help On The Line 

I believe the new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and additions to the defensive line, but in particular Za’Darius Smith are really going to help Garrett this year.  It has been made clear that when watching the film, Garrett on multiple occasions was trying to do everything himself to make the defensive line successful and create a pass rush.

Garrett just flat-out has too much put on his plate in past seasons and literally would be gassed on the sidelines from the pure exhaustion of trying to make a positive push from the line. 

I also believe Schwartz and Smith will help take the burden of having to do a bulk of the leadership on defense.  Anthony Walker and Denzel Ward will be there to help as well on this front, and they have been there in the past with the linebackers and secondary. 


Garrett is in for a big 2023 season with a defensive line that can do more and create more plays for Garrett. This team for too long has focused a lot of effort on the secondary when it comes to defense, and it is a welcome sight to see some attention being put on the defensive line.  Having an experienced defensive coordinator will go a long way for Garrett this season as he can lean on Schwartz for advice and support.

While everybody is expecting big things from Deshaun Watson and the passing game, I think this will be the season of dreams for Myles Garrett, and finally getting a chance to get the defensive MVP he has long been coveting. 

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