Browns 180 – 10 Preseason Questions

July 17, 2023

Andy Billman

55 Days Till Season Opener

10 things to ponder as we get closer to the season opener:

1 – How will Deshaun Watson perform?

This is the main question for this coming season as he did not perform well in 2022.  

2 – Will Kevin Stefanski improve as a coach?

Outside of the Watson situation, in the 2022 season, it felt like the Browns major issue was coaching breakdowns and coaches not putting players in a position to be successful

3 – Will the Browns show emotion in 2023?

To follow up on my point above, the Browns in the Stefanski era have felt like a team without any edge, I want some emotion and fire!

4 – How will the defense perform under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz?

The addition of Jim Schwartz has a lot of positive momentum in the offseason, and hopefully, moments of giving up wide-open big-play touchdowns, and running through the Browns defense are over. 

5 – What new addition will make the biggest impact?

The big two new additions that stand out are WR Elijah Moore and DE Za’Darius Smith and I do believe both are going to make a big difference, especially Smith.

6 – How productive will Nick Chubb be with the focus on the passing game?

RB Nick Chubb is loved in Cleveland and many are worried he will not get enough touches in 2023.

7 – Will the special teams improve?

Special Teams always felt like doom in 2022, hopefully, new special teams coordinator Bubba Ventrone fix our anxiety as fans.

8 – Can Myles Garrett get NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2023?

With all of the new additions to the defensive line, it does make one wonder if this is the year DE Myles Garrett wins NFL Defensive Player of the Year. 

9 – Will this team be driven by any and all football decisions by analytics? 

From my perspective, the Cleveland Browns in 2022 made all decisions on the field with analytics and not football acumen, this must change.

10 – Will the Browns overtake the Bengals in the AFC North?

It will not be easy, but the current Browns roster has the most talent since 1999 and expectations with Watson are high.

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