Browns at Ravens Game Preview | Sunday 1 PM 11/12/23

November 10, 2023

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Week 10 Game Breakdown and Picks

1 – Slowing down of Lamar Jackson

It’s easier said than done regarding Brown’s defense, but they must find a way to keep Lamar Jackson from going off.  

A big help in this department is having the Ravens running game not be the driving factor. If Jim Schwartz can figure out a way to prevent Baltimore from going off like they did last week for 298 yards on the ground, it will help contain Jackson.  

Myles Garrett must have one of those games where he takes over the game in moments. 

Finally, even though Jackson is having a good season so far, passing the ball, the key to this game is to allow Jackson to throw more than the Ravens running the ball.  

2 – Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has been fighting uphill against doubters all season; this is the perfect opportunity for Watson to quiet all of the doubt.  Outplay Jackson and win in Baltimore.  

For Watson, limit mistakes, go deep in this game, and find Amari Cooper for big catches.  It would be great to see Watson run a little bit in this game as well to keep the Ravens off guard from simply dropping back and passing.

3 – Run game

The Browns will have their running game win the day, which is not easy against Baltimore, who leads the league in rushing.  

Cleveland has done a great job most of the year of allowing the running game to control the clock, and wear down opponents.


It is easy to look at the first meeting and declare the Ravens considerable favorites in this game.  But the Brown’s team back in week four was dealing with an injury to Watson that led to a surprise start with Dorian Thompson-Robinson that the Browns could not overcome.

The Ravens are riding high, as some say this might be the favorite to win the Super Bowl, which is very similar to what happened to the Browns in week six facing the 49ers. 

I’m going on faith in believing this defense will slow down Jackson and that the Browns will use this unique opportunity to be the heavy underdog on the road as motivation.  IT IS TIME TO PAY BACK BALTIMORE!!!

Browns win 27-24, take the -6.5 points on the road.

Cleveland Browns Notes

Since their challenging 28-3 loss at home against the Ravens, the Browns have been on a winning streak, boasting a 3-1 record. Their most recent victory was a dominant 27-0 triumph against Arizona, highlighted by seven sacks and three turnovers. Cleveland’s defense shone brightly, holding the Cardinals to a mere 58 total offensive yards. Defense stands as the backbone of Cleveland’s success, evidenced by their allowance of the third-fewest points per game (17.4) and the second-fewest yards per play. Their defensive stats are impressive, surrendering only 3.7 yards per rush (ranking 8th) and 6.4 yards per pass attempt (ranking 6th). The Browns also secure a place in the top 10 for both sacks (27) and takeaways (13). The team’s potential success seems heavily reliant on the prowess of Myles Garrett leading the defense.

The initial clash between Cleveland and the Ravens saw Dorian Thompson-Robinson making his debut (and only) NFL start. However, with Deshaun Watson now fit and PJ Walker as the new backup, the Browns aim to avoid repeating the three interceptions they faced before. Cleveland’s setbacks largely stem from their 17 giveaways, significantly hindering their success. Their offensive game remains a challenge, especially with Nick Chubb sidelined for the season. Ranked 29th in yards per play, the Browns struggle as one of the NFL’s weaker passing teams. Yet, they excel in ground plays, ranking fourth in attempts and fifth in rushing yards. However, they couldn’t establish their running game against Baltimore in their first meeting. The question lingers: can they shift this outcome in the upcoming game?

Baltimore Ravens Notes

Following their commanding 37-3 victory over Seattle, marking Baltimore’s fourth consecutive win, there’s a compelling case for considering them the premier team in the AFC and perhaps the entire NFL. Their resolute defense holding the Seahawks to a mere 151 yards, coupled with four sacks and two takeaways, speaks volumes about their strength against a formidable offense. The Ravens boast the league’s stingiest defense, allowing a mere 13.8 points per game, and lead in crucial stats like yielding only 4.1 yards per play and amassing 35 sacks. Though it’s not a repeat of the legendary 2000 season, their dominance on the defensive end is undeniable, and the future looks promising.

What sets the Ravens apart is their versatility. They not only excel defensively but also rank sixth in points scored per game. Their two losses were only when their offense fell short of the 20-point mark. Known for their ground game, they lead in rushing yards and are second in rushing attempts. This is significantly bolstered by the prowess of quarterback Lamar Jackson, a standout in creating plays in open spaces. Their passing game, averaging 7.6 yards per attempt (fifth in the league), keeps them strong and places them fifth in yards per play at 5.7. While they’ve had 12 giveaways, it’s noteworthy that these haven’t hampered their overall success.

Best Bets For Browns at Ravens Week 10

Kareem Hunt punched one in late, while Dustin Hopkins drilled his two field goals, even after a miss, and we’ve now hit four straight picks. The Browns head into M&T Bank Stadium for a huge opportunity against the Ravens, and they’ll need their key players to step up for a big win. With Dawand Jones and Jed Wills out, the backup tackles face a tough task but must hold their own to stay in the game. Here are two good bets for the Browns versus the Ravens in Week 10.

Deshaun Watson over 28.5 passing attempts (-140)

Deshaun Watson is back healthy and needs to have a good game to lead the Browns to a big win. This season, Watson has surpassed this line in four of five games, with his only miss occurring in the game against the Colts when he left after a couple of drives. Last year against the Ravens, he threw 28 times, but that was with Nick Chubb healthy in a winning effort.

The Browns likely won’t be able to lean on their run game as they try to do with the lead, and Watson will have to be throwing unless the Browns jump out to a huge lead. Baltimore has faced an average of 37.3 attempts per game, ranking 26th in the NFL. Dorian Thompson-Robinson threw the ball 36 times in the 28-3 loss earlier this year, and the only recent QBs to fall short against them were Geno Smith in a blowout loss and Ryan Tannehill in a game he left early.

Amari Cooper over 53.5 receiving yards (-105)

Amari Cooper has surpassed this line in five of eight games this year, including every game other than Week 1 when Watson played. Although he only had 16 yards against the Ravens earlier this year, that was with rookie DTR at quarterback. In his other two games versus the Ravens on the Browns, Cooper finished with 74 yards and 58 yards.

He’s averaging 7.9 targets per game this year and saw a season-high total last week with 139 yards. The Titans and Browns were the only teams this year to not have a receiver cover this line, and Cooper is in line to see most of the targets in a game where Marquise Goodwin (concussion) and David Bell (knee) are out Sunday. The depleted offensive line should lead the Browns to being pass-heavy, and Cooper should be the biggest beneficiary.


This game presents a significant opportunity for the Browns to remain in the AFC North race and even contend for the top seed in the AFC. The battered offensive line will make running the ball and protecting the quarterback challenging, but they must find a way to hold their own for a chance at victory. As usual, the defensive line needs to dictate the game on that side of the ball, and limiting Lamar Jackson as much as possible is key. He’s a game-wrecker, but slowing him down just a little bit should mean slowing the whole team down.

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