Browns Report 9/21 – Injury Updates and Player/Coach’s Comments

September 21, 2023

Andy Billman Tony Camino

Injuries and Coach’s Comments Leading Up to the Tennessee Titans Game

1 – Injuries 

Amari Cooper (groin, shoulder) and Greg Newsome (elbow) both appeared on the injury list, which was not surprising and both are considered day-to-day.

The surprising addition to the list was Za’Darius Smith (ankle and thigh) who is also considered day-to-day.

2 – Kareem Hunt is Back

RB Kareem Hunt signed with the Browns on Tuesday, and spoke about his excitement about being back on the team:

“You know it’s quite exciting I guess because, you know, I’m from Cleveland, born and raised, like I always say. And I still want to bring a championship here and help contribute. That was my biggest goal for the past four years to do everything I can to you know, bring one to the hometown. So, it feels good. They have a great team. The team is great. Love the defense, love the offense that we have. And I’m excited to see us put it all together and gel it together and keep working to get to the end goal.”

Hunt also expressed his excitement about winning:

“I came ready to play and win, man. I’m just ready to go out there and showcase my talent. I know what I bring to the table when I play the game of football, so I’m excited.”

3 – Stefanski on Hunt

Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski was asked about the return of Hunt and how did he look to Stefanski?:

“And he looked in good shape. As you guys know, there’s football shape and there’s working out to stay in ready shape. So I’m sure he’s going to come along this week and we’ll see where he is. But he looks to be in good shape.”

He was also asked if there is a chance Hunt will play on Sunday:

“I think there’s a chance, but we got to see how this week plays out.”

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