Chances of Browns Making the Playoffs in 2023-2024

May 15, 2023

Andy Billman

So You Say We Have A Chance!

The NFL’s basement has been the Browns’ home for the past twenty years, but there’s hope for a change this year. Deshaun Watson, arguably the most gifted quarterback the franchise has seen since the turn of the century, is set to play his first full season since 2020. Although it may be a stretch to aim for the Super Bowl, the Browns have the potential to make it to the playoffs in 2023.

Current Percentages

Winning the AFC North

The Browns have a 21.7% chance of winning the AFC North, the 2nd lowest odds in the division.

Making the Playoffs

The Browns’ playoff chances are 51.2%, so they are expected to make the postseason.

Winning the Super Bowl

Based on the latest odds, Cleveland has a 3.4% chance of winning the Super Bowl in 2024.

First Win the AFC North

The Browns are in a tough division in the AFC North, but there is no reason to believe they cannot win it. The Browns have done well against the Bengals in years past, the Ravens have an unhappy QB who has a pattern of getting hurt, and the Steelers are coming off a down year. It is very possible the Browns have the second-best QB in the division heading into Week 1.

Do the Browns Have a Chance to Make the Playoffs?

It’s true that the Browns have a shot at making the playoffs, just like every other NFL team, since the 2023 season hasn’t started yet. Currently, the Browns are anticipated to clinch a playoff spot. Despite not having a first or second-round pick in the upcoming draft, the team managed to make positive moves in free agency. Deshaun Watson was previously a top-notch player, in the running for the MVP award, before his absence for over a season. This history of success gives Browns fans hope and reason to be optimistic.

Key Off-Season Moves

  • April 17: The Browns signed offensive guard Wes Martin to bolster their interior offensive line.
  • March 23: The Browns traded for third-year receiver Elijah Moore.
  • March 17: Cleveland signs free-agent safety Juan Thornhill to help their pass defense.
  • March 16: The Browns signed defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson to a four-year, $57 million contract to improve their struggling run defense.
  • March 15: The Browns cut struggling pass rusher and former No. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney, and cut starting safety John Johnson after underwhelming play.
  • February 27: The Browns promoted offensive quality control coach Ashton Grant to offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach, and promoted senior offensive assistant Kevin Rogers to senior assistant/special projects.
  • February 21: Cleveland fired special teams coordinator Mike Priefer.

Are the Browns Out of Playoffs?

No, the Cleveland Browns are not out of the playoffs! The season has not even begun yet, how could any team be out?! With that being said, based on the current odds, the Browns are expected to make the playoffs. However, their current playoff chances are just 51.2%, meaning there is still a 48.8% chance the Browns will not make the playoffs. 

Keep coming back as we will update weekly odds and percentages for the Browns.

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