Cleveland Browns October 2023 Schedule and Playoff Chances Update

October 2, 2023

Todd Hall

This Month 2 Home Games Followed By 2 Road Game

This month, the Cleveland Browns have four tough and important games scheduled as they head into what appears to be some important and must-win games against the Baltimore Ravens at home, a tough match-up against the San Francisco 49ers after a bye week 5, travel to Indianapolis to face a surprising Colts team and stay on the road to face the Seattle Seahawks.

October Home and Away Schedule

Playoff Chances Stats

Will the Browns make the Playoffs?

The Cleveland Browns currently hold a 67.7% probability of making it to the playoffs, as per the assessment by DraftKings Sportsbook. It’s worth noting that the Browns secured a playoff spot in the 2020 season, marking their sole postseason appearance within the past two decades. To provide a comprehensive view, here’s a summary of the Browns’ playoff prospects in relation to their chances of winning the Super Bowl, clinching the AFC Championship, and securing the division title:

Browns Playoff Probability: 67.7%

Browns Missing the Playoffs: 32.3%

Browns Super Bowl Victory Odds: 4.3%

Browns AFC Championship Victory Odds: 9.1%

Browns AFC North Division Title Chances: 33.9%

ESPN Football Power Index (FPI): 2.3 FPI (Ranked 9th)

Data Last Verified by Expert: October 2, 2023

Can the Browns Secure a Playoff Spot?

Indeed, the Browns stand a legitimate chance of clinching a playoff berth in 2023. Despite three weeks of the season already played, all 32 teams retain playoff aspirations. Presently, the Browns hold the fourth-best odds in the AFC, with a 67.7% implied probability of making the playoffs. Experts anticipate the Browns to contend for the AFC North title and secure a wild card entry if they fall short of winning the division. Their prospects would have significantly improved if they managed to defeat the Ravens in Week 4.

Have the Browns Been Eliminated from Playoff Contention?

No, the Browns remain very much in the playoff race. Following their Week 4 loss to the Ravens, the Browns have a 2-2 record.

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