Injuries and Coach’s Comments Leading Up to the Baltimore Ravens Game

September 28, 2023

Andy Billman Tony Camino

Browns Report 9/28 – Injury Updates and Player/Coach’s Comments

1 – Injuries 

Some unexpected names hit the injury report on Wednesday.  QB Deshaun Watson did not throw in practice because of a right shoulder issue, but everything appears to be in order for him to play on Sunday, phew. 

However, RB Kareem Hunt (ribs, groin) did not practice, and RB Jerome Ford (shoulder) was limited, that is concerning to see both running backs on the injury list. 

CB Greg Newsome II (elbow) is still limited in practice but sounds like it is hopeful that he will be back playing on Sunday against the Ravens.  Also, OT James Hudson is still limited in practice as well with an ankle injury.

2 – Watson Toughness 

QB Deshaun Watson spoke to the press about how you have to take hits and how that is part of playing in the NFL: 

“You just have to understand that with certain play calls and certain lines, you have to take those hits. So, you just got to know how to fall, know how to kind of take them, and try not to take any heavy blows. But at the same time, you just go on to the next play pretty much. It comes with part of the game.”

On playing division rival Baltimore Ravens:

“Yeah, it’s a divisional game, all that stuff. I think internally for the locker room and the team, we’re treating it just like we treated last weekend. It’s trying to be 1-0 this week and for us to be able to just lock in on our craft, learn the game plan, learn our opponent, and make sure that we’re able to focus on all the challenges that can come Sunday.” 

3 – Stefanski on the Ravens

Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski was asked about QB Lamar Jackson needing to run more because of the injury to RB JK Dobbins:

“It’s really tough when you’re facing a running quarterback. And I think teams, when they’re facing us understand that there are plays that they’re never over because these guys can get out of trouble, they can extend plays, they can run. So, you have to be so disciplined in what you’re doing, whether it’s man, zone, pressure – not you have to just be ultimately disciplined in your rush lanes, disciplined in what you’re seeing because he is a major threat with the ball in his hands.”

Stefanski also talked about WR Amari Cooper tipping off the Browns staff about certain matchups he is seeing in action:

“Yeah, I think that’s something that we’ve always done. I tell you guys all the time; those players have the best seat in the house, they can see it better than we can. And Amari is a very, very intelligent player, so it’s not like he’s just coming up and saying, get me the ball, which he has done before. But he can give you great insight into the routes that he thinks we should run and how we should run them, how we should set them up, those types of things.”

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