Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns Running Back, and Hall of Famer dies at 87

May 19, 2023

Andy Billman

A Cleveland legend, arguably the greatest player in NFL history and a champion for social activism, has passed away.

It is hard to describe Jim Brown’s importance to the Cleveland Browns.  Every Browns fan, young and old, is saddened today because the man who made the Cleveland Browns feel good no matter the score on Sunday is no longer with us.  Even with all of the bad times, the heartbreaking losses, and the team moving away, Browns fans could point to Jim Brown as what the Cleveland Browns represent.  He represented the glory years of the organization, why we love the game of football, and why we love our running backs.

He fought segregation, he fought Art Modell, and he fought for the rights of black athletes.  Jim Brown represents not only the Browns, but the city of Cleveland, blue collar, plays hard, never goes out of bounds or does any shortcuts, works tirelessly, and is reliable, always showing up to do the job at hand.  

Jim Brown Achievements: 

  • 12,312 yards and 106 touchdowns in nine seasons. 
  • the only player to average 100-plus rushing yards per outing over his career.
  • In 1957, his first season in the NFL, Brown won the MVP and Rookie of the Year honors while leading the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns.
  • Never missed a game as a pro.
  • Eight NFL rushing titles in nine seasons. 
  • Three MVP Awards. 
  • Eight first-team All-Pro selections. 
  • Pro Bowl selection in all nine seasons. 
  • Remains the only individual inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (1995), Lacrosse Hall of Fame (1984), and Pro Football Hall of Fame (1971).

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