Tyreke Hill Could’ve Been a Brown

March 30, 2023

Todd Hall

Tyreek Hill was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins last offseason.

Apparently, the Dolphins weren’t Hill’s No. 1 trade destination. According to a recent report, Hill had initially wanted to be traded to the Cleveland Browns, but a deal between the two teams could not be reached. The reason for the failed negotiations is unknown, but it is speculated that the Browns may have been hesitant to take on Hill’s large contract or give up too many assets in a trade. Hill is widely regarded as one of the best receivers in the NFL, known for his speed, agility, and hands, and any team would be lucky to have him. While adding Hill to the Browns’ talented group of receivers may have elevated their offense, it’s impossible to say for sure what could have happened if the trade had been successful.

“They should’ve paid me, bro, I tried to go to Cleveland, I tried that but they didn’t want me.”

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