Cavaliers Lose to the Magic 112-89: Playoff Game Recap Game 4 / Round 1

April 27, 2024

Andy Billman

Post-Game Recap

3 Notes Around the Loss

1 – 37-10

The Cavs were up nine at halftime and had a total dud in the third quarter, scoring only ten, while the Magic scored 27, flipping the game and putting the Cavs away in game 4.

2 – Three-point shooting

A significant difference in the game was the Cavs only making four deep while the Magic made 12.  

3 – Rebounds

It felt like every loose ball in the second half was a rebound, and the rebounds confirmed this theory, with the Cavs outrebounded by 13.

Game Recap

As Franz Wagner took charge in the third quarter, single-handedly outscoring Cleveland, what had been a closely contested game transformed into another decisive victory in the ongoing series between the Orlando Magic and the Cavaliers.

With an impressive stat line of 34 points and 13 rebounds, Wagner led the Magic to a commanding 112-89 win on Saturday, leveling the Eastern Conference first-round series at 2-2. During nearly seven minutes in the second half, Orlando’s defense held the Cavaliers scoreless, stifling any chance of a comeback.

The momentum shifted dramatically in the third quarter as Cleveland, after posting 60 points in the first half, faltered, managing only 29 points for the remainder of the game, outscored 37-10 in the third quarter alone.

Magic coach Jamahl Mosley, when asked about the defensive dominance displayed, remarked that it might go down in the record books.

Wagner’s offensive prowess was undeniable, with 10 points in the first five minutes of the third quarter and a total of 12 in that period, while Cleveland struggled to find their rhythm, missing 14 of their 18 shots.

Jonathan Isaac, reflecting on the pivotal moments of the game, noted the shift in momentum after the Magic erased a nine-point deficit early in the third quarter.

As the series heads into Game 4 in Cleveland, both teams are gearing up for a pivotal matchup. The Cavaliers, having lost their momentum after two strong wins at home, are determined to regain control on their turf.

Contributions from Isaac and Markelle Fultz off the bench were crucial for the Magic, while Paolo Banchero experienced a quieter night after his standout performance in Game 3.

Jarrett Allen led the Cavaliers with 21 points and nine rebounds, but it wasn’t enough to counter the Magic’s strong second-half performance.

Franz Wagner’s exceptional display earned praise from his brother Mo, who highlighted his control and impact on the game.

The Magic closed out the third quarter with a 14-point surge, extending their lead to 24 early in the fourth quarter, while the Cavaliers struggled to find their offensive rhythm.

Despite some heated moments, including confrontations and fouls, the focus remains on the upcoming games as both teams strive to assert their dominance in the series.

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