Cavs at Knicks Game 5 | Preview and Bold Predictions

April 26, 2023

Andy Billman

Back to N.Y. or Dusting Off the Golf Clubs?

3 Bold Predictions for Game 5

1 – Set the tone

I am a huge believer in setting the tone when the underdog, they need to be aggressive early.  Even if this causes a technical foul, for the Cavs to show some gusto I believe will lift the team and help set the mindset for game five.  

2 – Need Mitchell and Garland to combo for 50 to 60 points.

This is not a fair or easy request, but the Cavs need our guards to go off to win tonight.  Mitchell, in particular, needs to get into the high twenties at the least. 

3 – Rebound, box out, and dive on the floor for every loose ball.

The Cavs love to talk about the junkyard dog award; well, it is time to really earn that award in the playoffs, as the necklace is currently on ice.  The lack of effort was on full display at times in game four and is unacceptable, the Cavs have to want to win tonight, not hope to win.  Finally, Allen must box out consistently throughout the game.  There is a lot of chatter about Allen needing to be tougher inside, which at times is true, but frankly, boxing out is an art, and he needs to get into position to grab that ball.

Final Thoughts

If the Cavs lose this game, there will be a negative and questioning tone heading into the offseason.  Time for the wine and gold to shine at home.  I am picking the Cavs to win because I can’t believe the Cavs will head into the off-season on such a downer.

The Cavs are currently 5.5-point favorites in Game 5, with the over/under at 202.

Cavs win 100-87

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