Cleveland Cavaliers December 2023 Schedule

December 1, 2023

Todd Hall

This Month 6 Road Games and 8 Home Games

The Cavaliers won’t be playing on Christmas Day once again, but December holds some intriguing matchups for them. A challenging stretch on the road against the Boston Celtics, reminiscent of last season’s tough encounters, will put the Cavs to the test. Last season, they managed to secure two overtime wins against the Celtics, with one requiring a standout performance from Caris LeVert.

Cleveland is set to face both Thompson twins, Ausar and Amen, in games against the Pistons and Rockets, respectively. Additionally, Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen will make a return to Cleveland with the Utah Jazz. The month concludes with formidable away games against Dallas, featuring a re-signed Kyrie Irving, and the revamped Milwaukee Bucks, who are more determined than ever to return to championship form with Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the charge.

Overall, December presents only six matchups against playoff teams from the previous season, although there are two more back-to-back games (Boston on the road and New Orleans at home), making the schedule somewhat more forgiving.

December Home and Away Schedule

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