Should Cavs Go After Dillon Brooks?

May 3, 2023

Andy Billman

The Cavs do need a wing/small forward upgrade, so why not Brooks?

3 things about Dillon Brooks becoming a free agent:

Brooks is causing a lot of chatter by Cavs fans on social media about making a move to sign the soon-to-be free agent.  The Cavs do need to find a Wing upgrade, so does Brooks fit the bill? 

1 – Offensively, his usage rate is a positive

Brooks has a far better offensive usage rate than Isaac Okoro and makes his teammates around him better on the offensive end.  There’s really no comparison, as Brooks is by far a better player on the offensive end.

2 – Defensively, not as good as one might think

Looking at his stats defensively on, Brooks is not a good defender. In fact, he can be a liability.  Yes, Brooks brings attitude, but that does not mean he can defend.  Also, he is a below-average rebounder.  Yes, Brooks is below average-at rebounding, not what the Cavs need in regards to rebounding!

3 – Attitude

Remember, Brooks is getting let go because he brought negative attention to his team and into the locker room.  The Cavs really get along. Are they ready to rock this juju with Brooks?  It would change the locker room dynamic for sure.


The Cavs need to stay away from Brooks. His defensive and rebounding analytics are surprisingly weak and do not outweigh the positives he can bring offensively.  Throw in his attitude, and this is a simple decision. 

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