2023 Hot Dog Derby | Championship Down To The Wire

September 25, 2023

Todd Hall

2 Races Left in the Season – Who Will Win It All This Year

Current Standings

Who will be the first Hot Dog to win the newly introduced championship title belt?


With the leaves beginning to turn and the Guardians season coming to a close at Cleveland’s Progressive Field, where the cheers of baseball fans resonated through the summer air all season long, another competition has been heating up alongside the baseball games – the Cleveland Guardians Hot Dog Derby. With only two races left this year, the anticipation is building as fans wonder whether this nail-biting season will end in a tie, and who will ultimately claim the coveted Championship Belt.

The Championship Belt, an illustrious symbol of victory, is the ultimate prize at stake in the Hot Dog Derby. It represents not only the winner of the race but also the mascot who has demonstrated the most skill, strategy, and perhaps a bit of showmanship throughout the season. Ketchup, Mustard, and Onion have all had their eyes on this prestigious belt, and the anticipation surrounding who will do it at the end of the season is palpable.

Fans have been speculating about the final races, with some even placing friendly bets on their favorite mascot. Social media is abuzz with hashtags and memes as supporters rally behind Ketchup, Mustard, or Onion.

As the two remaining races draw near, the outcome is anyone’s guess. Will Ketchup, Mustard, or Onion emerge as the undisputed champion, or will this year’s Hot Dog Derby end in an unprecedented tie? One thing is certain: no matter the outcome, the Guardians’ faithful fans will continue to embrace the quirky and beloved tradition that is the Hot Dog Derby, celebrating not only the spirit of competition but also the joy it brings to the ballpark.

So, grab your hot dog, settle into your seat, and get ready for the thrilling conclusion of the Cleveland Guardians Hot Dog Derby. The Championship Belt awaits, and the race for glory is closer than ever. May the best hot dog win!

History and 2023 Championship

In 2005, the Cleveland Indians followed the trend of many MLB teams and added an in-game mascot race to their gameday fan experience. The Indians started the now-famous Hot Dog Derby with three racing hot dog mascots: Onion, Mustard, and Ketchup.

What started out as only a mascot race in the 5th inning has evolved into an unforgettable experience for Indians’ fans at the ballpark and beyond. Over the years, the Hot Dog Macots have grown their presence at games, in the community, and on social media.

Before the Guardians’ home opener this season, the Hot Dogs announced on Twitter that they are introducing a new championship belt for the 2023 season. The belt, which features gold plating and silver emblems of the Guardians of Transportation statues, the Guardians’ ‘C’ logo, and hot dogs, will be awarded to the winner of each race that takes place at the end of the fifth inning of every Guardians home game. The recipient of the belt will hold the title until the next race. The Hot Dog Derby gained national attention during the 2022 season due to Mustard’s long losing streak, but the mascot eventually secured its first win on October 1st.

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