7/24 – 7/30 | AL Central Standings | Upcoming Games

July 24, 2023

Andy Billman

Guardians had a good week with series victories over the Pirates and Phillies finishing 4-2! While excited by the series win there was an opportunity to sweep both series but in each, they lost the 3rd game. Still in second place in the division and it clearly feels like it is going to be a two-team race the rest of the way to the playoffs.

Current Standings as of 7/23 in the Central Division

AL Central Opponents Up-Coming Series

Opponents This Week: vs. Seattle Mariners | @ Kansas City Royals

Opponents This Week: vs. San Fransisco Giants (1 Game) | vs. Los Angeles Angels | @ Miami Marlins

Opponents This Week: vs. Chicago Cubs | vs. Cleveland Guardians

Opponents This Week: @ Cleveland Guardians | vs. Minnesota Twins

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