Bump on the Road Final Score 3-4: Guardians vs. A’s Recap 4/4

April 5, 2023

Todd Hall

Mike Zunino will provide some pop in the lineup, but when it comes to blocking balls as a catcher, it’s a different story. This is a well-known issue, and it’s becoming more apparent with every game. It’s frustrating because his offensive contributions are appreciated, but they’re not worth the cost of his defensive shortcomings. The Guardians should consider putting someone else in that position if things don’t improve.

During a recent game, Zunino’s mistakes were particularly glaring. He failed to stop a breaking ball in the dirt, which allowed a runner to score, and it’s not the first time this has happened. While Zunino wasn’t solely responsible for the Guardians’ loss, his mistakes were costly. The team had several other defensive miscues throughout the game, which didn’t help matters.

On the bright side, Shane Bieber had a solid game as the starting pitcher, with seven strikeouts and no home runs allowed. Josh Naylor also managed to plate a run despite not getting a hit, and Steven Kwan had a couple of hits. Gabriel Arias hit his first home run of the season, which was impressive. However, it was ultimately a disappointing game for the Guardians, who lost 4-3.

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