Doubleheader Recap 4/22 | Guardians Lose GM 2 2-3 vs. Marlins

April 23, 2023

Andy Billman

Not much to say here. A bad day of baseball for the Guardians. Bad hitting, bad (but not terrible) starting pitching, bad baserunning, bad effort, bad decisions. Not good.

Game Notes and Observations

1 – Bieber is not quite ace like yesterday in game 1. 

Guards needed Bieber to be an ace to set the tone for the double dip, but he was average at best as he equaled his walk and strikeout total (4). They could have used an excellent Bieber to help set the tone, but it just did not happen.

2 – Where’s Will Brennan?

Ok, Miami started two lefties yesterday against Cleveland, but Brennan has been a consistent hitter in the clutch, and in a doubleheader, not having him swing the bat is a mistake.

3 – Guards hitting needs to start putting pressure on the opponent.

Yesterday, the Marlins did a nice job in game 1 of having long at-bats that put stress on Bieber.  In game 2, the Marlins, in key situations, put the ball in the play to force the defense to get the batter out.  Both were keys to the Guardian’s success in 2022, but they are doing neither in 2023.  They need to start putting traffic on the bases, and in key situations, they need to put the ball in play (Rosario’s strikeout in the 9th was deflating).

4 – Let’s end on a positive

Oscar Gonzalez got two hits over seven at-bats, and Naylor broke out of his 0 for 20 streaks with a single.

Video Highlights

Game 1

Game 2


LHP Logan Allen makes his MLB debut today for the Guardians, hopefully, he can add a boost of energy to the club that needs it.

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