Guardians at Oakland A’s Season Opener Game Preview | 3/28

March 28, 2024

Andy Billman

3 Things Preview For Tonight’s Game:

1 – Bieber

For the fifth consecutive season, Shane Bieber will start Cleveland’s season opener, tying a team record. 

2 – On the road again

The Guardians will be on the West Coast to start the season for the second straight season.  Last season, it was Seattle, then Oakland; in 2024, it will be Oakland, then Seattle, and finishing in Minnesota as the Guards start the season with 10 consecutive road games.

Here’s a fun fact: 10 years ago, to start the 2014 season, the Cleveland Indians also started their season in Oakland, winning 2-0.

3 – JRAM

In 2015, the Indians were in Houston playing the Astros, and Jose Ramirez, at shortstop, made his first-ever start on opening day  JRAM has 1,327 hits, 216 home runs, and 746 RBIs in his career, all for the Cleveland baseball organization.

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