MLB All-Star Break | 3 Questions Around the Guardians

July 10, 2023

Andy Billman

 Questions Guardians fans should be asking heading into the MLB All-Star break?

1 – Will the Guardians trade Shane Bieber?

There’s a lot of banter on the topic of trading Shane Bieber.  Before the Triston McKenzie injury, I was in favor of trading Bieber.

But currently, with the rotation being so young, trading Shane puts a lot of pressure on a pitching staff with zero experience pitching an entire regular season, let alone in October.

Aaron Civale is the current veteran outside of Bieber who is healthy with experience.  Trading Bieber ends any hope of making any kind of run in October and might cause strain on a young staff that could affect them down the line.

The other half of trading Bieber is the value Cleveland will be getting back.  Right now, the return would be good for sure, but great and or a haul, I’m not seeing it. If they get a deal comparable to the Clevinger deal, they must pull the trigger, no doubt.  Unless that comes, the best move is to hold Bieber until the off-season to move on Bieber.

2 – Can the Guardians find power?

Cleveland is not just last in home runs, they are last in home runs by 18.  18?!?!  That is a huge gap between 29 and 30.

It is one thing to be a straight-contact team that relies on small-ball baseball to win and not on power to win, but the Guardians don’t have any power at all. 

Guards need to find power somewhere within a trade or within the team.  Obviously, candidates internally are Jose Ramirez, Josh Naylor, and Josh Bell, and they should start hitting more balls out, or at least we hope.

I believe the Guardians are going to have to get creative on how to get power in this lineup, meaning they will need to make some sort of savvy trade with another team.

3 – Will the Guardians make a trade before the deadline?

See points 1 and 2, the Guardians have a pitcher who might be traded who does have value, and yes, the Guards need help with a power hitter.

That is the reason why there’s chatter about Cleveland making a deal.   

But does that mean the Guardians will make a trade? I am not so sure.  I would bet on the latter that they hold out again.  Holding out makes sense in that this team is so young that they are not in a position yet to make a big trade.  That is the prudent thing to do, and that is usually what the Guardians do, and they must do that because they are a small market team. 


If you want one wild card, it is the possibility of trading Amed Rosario.  I don’t see Rosario here in 2024, as he is a free agent, and the Guards have Tyler Freeman and Gabriel Arias ready to play every day. 

Clubs will see some value because he can hit in the clutch, so Rosario is tradable. 

One more thought is having a deal with both Bieber and Rosario. Packaging Bieber and Rosario in a trade would not shock me and might fix the need for a power bat in the lineup.  If the Guards make any big move, it would be a package like the one I mentioned trading both Bieber and Rosario to get that magic haul. 


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