Part 2 Start Thinking About 2024 – 15 Games Till Season Over

September 14, 2023

Andy Billman

Guardians prepare for the final 15 games of the 2023 season heading into the 2024 offseason.

1 – Shane Bieber 

Outside of who is managing the club in 2023, the next biggest question will be what the Guardians should do with Shane Bieber in the offseason. The Guardians should trade Bieber, and that is why it is so crucial for Bieber to not only pitch before the season is finished but also pitch well so the Guardians can capitalize on getting maximum value.  

Bieber looked good in his first rehab start in Akron, going 3 2/3 innings and giving up no hits with one walk.  Bieber is supposed to be making another start before returning to the Guardians.

2 – Manager

This has become a weird situation as it has yet to be made official that Terry Francona is retiring, even though he has hinted indirectly on multiple occasions that he is considering stepping down.  It would be best for everybody to either announce if this is the case or that it still needs to be decided.  Not saying anything does not help anyone and leaves fans, players, and people within the organization to make decisions for themselves rather than dealing with reality.

In the meantime, the Guardians need to prepare what is ahead if Francona does not return.  I assume a list is being created, and inquiries are being made.  Sandy Alomar Jr. should get a shot, and the Guardians should look outside the organization. I would also send feelers about Rays manager Kevin Cash, former Guardians assistant. 

For now, we wait as this limbo continues, making it hard for the Guards to prepare to replace the legendary Francona.

3 – Finding Power

The Guardians need to look outside the organization for more power.  They can’t rely only on possible prospects. They have to get creative on bringing big bats to the Cleveland lineup.  

The trading of Bieber is an option, and trading prospects for power is possible. They need at least one, if not two, possible solutions to help bring home runs into Progressive Field.

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