Recap: Game 2 of DH 5/21/23 | Guardians Lose 1-2 at N.Y. Mets

May 21, 2023

Andy Billman

3 things Guardians 2-1 loss to NY Mets:

1 – Lindor winning

Francisco Lindor hits a home run to tie the game at 1 and later hits a key single to complete the comeback for the Mets.  Lindor was the big winner this weekend as he torched the Guardians with his play. 

2 – JRAM and Bieber 

Jose Ramirez hit a home run in the first inning to give the Guards a 1-0 lead, and Shane Bieber had a strong night pitching a complete game seven-hitter.  Can’t fault the leaders of the team; they did their job. 

3 – Swept 

Cleveland gets swept in a series for the first time all year, and the Guards are now 0-6 in doubleheader games.  Cleveland enters Monday at 20-26, third place in the AL Central. Last year at this time, the Guards were 22-24.  With that in mind, it does feel like a gloom and doom situation, but the Guards are in the worst division in baseball and are nowhere close to playing their best.  Hopefully, this is rock bottom, hopefully.

Game Summary

Guardians experienced a series of missed opportunities as they held leads in all three games against the New York Mets but ultimately faltered late, resulting in a disheartening sweep. This marks the first time the Guardians have been swept this season, amplifying their disappointment.

Sunday’s doubleheader served as the final blow. Despite outstanding performances by Tanner Bibee and Shane Bieber on the mound, the Guardians’ offense failed to provide the necessary support for a victory. Bibee managed to pitch six innings, conceding only two runs on seven hits. Although his command wasn’t as sharp as before, evidenced by four walks, Bibee skillfully escaped trouble when faced with it.

Bieber was equally impressive in the nightcap, delivering a strong eight-inning performance, striking out four and surrendering only two runs. However, Francisco Lindor, in a somewhat poetic twist, launched a solo home run in the eighth inning, sealing the game for the Mets.

Cleveland’s lone run in the second game came from a colossal home run by Jose Ramirez. Unfortunately, the rest of the Guardians’ lineup struggled to make an impact, producing only two hits outside of Ramirez’s heroics.

Terry Francona, emphasized the importance of finding consistency across all aspects of the game. Currently, when the offense falters, the pitching shines, and vice versa. This inconsistency poses a significant challenge to the team’s success, making it clear that their current lineup configuration is not yielding positive results. Addressing their offensive woes becomes crucial, as the season still holds over 100 games, and the Guardians risk falling further behind.

It is evident that a shift or adjustments are necessary for Cleveland to regain their momentum and avoid further setbacks.

Up Next

Monday – Game 1 vs. Chicago White Sox at 6:10 PM EST.

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