Start Thinking About 2024 – 22 Games Till Season Over

September 7, 2023

Andy Billman

Guardians prepare for the final 22 games of the 2023 season heading into the 2024 offseason.

1 – Next Manager 

We still don’t have an official announcement, but the Guardians will have a new manager in the 2024 season unless something drastically changes.  

There are already rumors from Andre Knott (WKNR/ESPN Cleveland) that Will Venable is a name to keep in mind. 

I believe a name that will be bantered at some point will be former Indian and current 3rd base coach Sandy Alomar Jr. 

2 – Infield Positions  

The shortstop position on the Guardians is up for grabs, and it looks like it will be down to Gabriel Arias or Tyler Freeman starting in 2024. 

Another position to consider in the infield is first base. I don’t think it is given that Josh Naylor will be the everyday first baseman, as I can see Josh moving to the DH spot with prospect Kyle Manzardo getting the everyday spot at first base.  Do they try and resign Kole Calhoun this offseason, unlikely!

Finally, the catcher position does look like it will be Bo Naylor unless there is an injury or a significant shift down the stretch.  

3 – Outfield

There are multiple questions as well currently in the outfield.  No doubt Steven Kwan has a spot at either left or maybe even in centerfield. 

After that, what to do about Myles Straw is up next, as he has an elite glove, but his bat is not consistent enough to play every day.  Will Brennan and Ramon Laureano have moments, but I’m not sure either is a staple and then there’s prospect George Valera.  And do the Guardians try Oscar Gonzalez again?

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