Suspensions Announced For Guardians

August 7, 2023

Tony Camino

MLB announced punishments for Saturday’s brawl between Ramirez and Anderson

Down goes Anderson! Down goes Anderson! It was certainly a night that sports fans across the country won’t forget anytime soon. But what happens now? Cleveland fans have somehow found a way to love Jose Ramirez even more, while also harboring a deeper disdain for the Chicago White Sox. A divisional race for a playoff spot still looms ahead, and the Guardians already will be without star hitter Josh Naylor.

  • Jose Ramirez was suspended 3 games, will appeal
  • Emmanuel Clase was suspended one game, and Gabriel Arias fined
  • Tito Francona and Mike Sarbaugh were suspended one game each

With the Guardians now trailing the Minnesota Twins by 4.5 games and facing a challenging schedule to close out the year, these suspensions, along with existing injuries, present a less-than-ideal outlook for the remainder of the season. While many young players will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, overcoming the significant roster changes and injuries to secure a divisional victory would indeed be a remarkable accomplishment.

Jose Ramirez gets 3 Game Suspension

The hero of the brawl and a source of inspiration for Cleveland and baseball fans everywhere, Jose Ramirez, will be sidelined for three games as a result of his involvement in the fight. On the other hand, Tim Anderson, who came out on the losing end, faces a more severe punishment with a suspension twice as long as Ramirez’s. This memorable incident will undoubtedly find its place in baseball history, alongside iconic moments like the Rougned Odor punch on Jose Bautista. Unfortunately for the Guardians, this timing couldn’t have been worse. The recent weekend series against the White Sox ended on a sour note, marked by a disheartening collapse on Sunday.

As indicated by, the Guardians are slated to face the second most challenging schedule among all MLB teams for the remainder of the season. Throughout the year, the offense has displayed significant inconsistency, and now it faces the daunting task of competing against top-tier teams without two key players anchoring the middle of the lineup. In contrast, the Twins enjoy the luxury of the fourth easiest remaining schedule, intensifying the importance of the upcoming six matchups against the division leaders. Ramirez intends to appeal his suspension and will take the field tonight, leaving uncertainty surrounding the timing of his three-game absence. Ideally, missing the upcoming series against the Detroit Tigers on the 17th would make sense, though the exact timing remains unclear. Regardless, a Guardians lineup devoid of both Josh Naylor and Ramirez is a formidable challenge, likely to encounter significant struggles in generating runs.

Emmanuel Clase Was Suspended One Game

After rushing in from the bullpen to defend his teammate, Emmanuel Clase will be sidelined for a single game, serving his suspension on Monday against the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite leading the league in blown saves, it’s crucial to recognize that this statistic alone doesn’t provide an accurate measure of his effectiveness as a pitcher this year.

On several occasions, most recently against Chicago on Sunday, Clase demonstrated ample skill to secure saves and escape innings, only to be let down by unfortunate luck and defensive lapses. While his expected ERA has risen by nearly a full point compared to last year (from 1.97 in 2022 to 2.88 in 2023), he still ranks within the top six percent of all baseball players in this metric. His slight regression can be attributed primarily to adjustments made by opposing hitters at the plate. Notably, his strikeout percentage and swing-and-miss percentage have decreased over the past two years, suggesting that his opponents have adapted by committing to specific pitches and making contact. Although the quality of contact he allows hasn’t significantly improved, opponents are putting more balls in play against him, resulting in errors, lucky hits, and an overall increase in runs conceded.

While the impact of the one-game suspension may not be overwhelming, the bullpen has demonstrated considerable instability even with Clase anchoring the back end. Entrusting Trevor Stephan, Sam Hentges, Nick Sandlin, or Enyel De Los Santos to close out games may not inspire the utmost confidence, but the team should be equipped to navigate through a single game without him.

Tito Francona & Mike Sarbaugh Were Suspended One Game Each

Following a string of three ejections within a span of just seven days, MLB has suspended Guardians’ manager Tito Francona for his involvement in the on-field altercation. His exchanges with White Sox manager Pedro Grifol contributed to this decision, as Grifol also received a one-game suspension. While the team has managed without Francona on the bench for some recent games, they should be capable of handling one more game without him.

In addition to Francona’s suspension, third base coach Mike Sarbaugh has been handed a one-game suspension for his part in the fight. Sarbaugh was observed being restrained from confronting various members of the White Sox staff and players, displaying a strong resolve against any perceived disrespect. While the dedication of Francona and Sarbaugh to stand up for their players is commendable, it’s important to recognize that this pattern cannot persist, as the team will rely on their guidance and leadership to mount a strong push in the AL Central division.


This moment will undoubtedly hold a special place among Cleveland baseball memories. It ranks as one of the more significant fights in 21st-century baseball, providing fans with the satisfaction of witnessing their hometown hero put an outspoken opponent in his rightful place. Despite the excitement generated by the altercation, it’s now crucial for the team to unite and maintain their availability, setting the stage for a final push in the division race.

The absence of key players like Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor has left the team with a challenging road ahead. However, the return of veteran players combined with the emergence of young talents could potentially spark a surge over the remaining month and a half of the season. Ideally, this recent incident will help the clubhouse move past the loss of teammates who held significant camaraderie. The upcoming weeks will carry immense significance in determining the ultimate standings, and it’s imperative for the Guardians to remain competitive to secure their chance at a late-season run.

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