Big 10 Standings as of 10/16 and Upcoming Eastern Conference Team Games

October 16, 2023

Todd Hall

Welcome to the ultimate destination for all things Big Ten! Stay in the know with our regularly updated Big Ten East standings and upcoming games schedule. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual observer, this is your source for the latest conference standings and the most anticipated matchups on the horizon.

Current Standings as of 10/16/23 in the Big 10

Get the scoop on where Big Ten teams stand in the race for conference supremacy. Our weekly updates keep you informed about who’s on top, who’s making a comeback, and who’s striving to climb the ladder.

Big 10 East Opponents For the Week of 10/17/23

Get ready for an overview of the upcoming conference games! We’ve compiled a weekly schedule with just the information you need. Make sure to note these dates in your calendar, set your reminders, and prepare to enjoy the Big Ten season all year long!


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