Buckeyes (10-0) vs. Gophers (5-5): Match-Up Preview 11/18 4:00 PM EST.

November 17, 2023

Andy Billman

Gameday Preview Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Minnesota Gophers

Buckeyes Prepare for Game 10 of Season Against Michigan State on Saturday: 

1 – Harrison and Henderson

It is now time for the Buckeye law firm of Marvin Harrison Jr and TreVeyon Henderson to make this game uncompetitive by the 4th quarter.  

2 – Running game

The Gophers are above average running the ball, it is the one thing on offense they can do.  So, for Ohio State, stop Minnesota’s run game as they are in the bottom 10% in the country in passing.

3 – Style points

Like last week, the Buckeyes need to keep getting some style points so blowing them out has good value for the playoff committee.


This is very similar to last week’s game: Blow out the Gophers early to rest starters by the 4th quarter.

OSU wins big again!  Give the 27.5.

Ohio State Buckeyes Notes

Ohio State is edging closer to the pivotal moment of their season, gearing up for a significant matchup, yet they remain mindful not to underestimate Minnesota. Despite their historical dominance in this series, they are keenly aware that complacency is not an option. Positioned second in the CFP rankings, each game holds immense importance for this team. Fresh from a commanding performance against Michigan State, they’ve secured victories in their last four games by substantial margins. The comfort of playing at home for the second consecutive week adds to their confidence, but anything less than a victory would be a severe setback.

While contending with a considerable list of injuries, the Buckeyes see this week as an opportunity to recuperate before their season finale. The status of key players, including Tommy Eichenberg, the leading tackler, and a pair of safeties, remains uncertain. Though their impact in this particular matchup might be limited, fans will undoubtedly monitor these developments closely in the coming weeks.

The offensive prowess of the Buckeyes is expected to shine in this game, despite a defense that ranks fourth nationally in total yards allowed. Boasting an elite wide receiver corps, they anticipate smooth progression down the field. Kyle McCord, with 20 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, has rapidly developed, benefiting from the formidable presence of Marvin Harrison Jr. and other potential Sunday-level receivers. Establishing a strong ground game early on is deemed crucial, with the added advantage of home turf aiming to dispel any doubts about the outcome from the outset.

Gophers Notes

Minnesota, standing at 5-5 this season, has largely gone unnoticed amid a mix of successes and setbacks. Their road performance has been less than stellar with just one victory, and a recent two-game losing streak adds to the challenge as they head into the upcoming weekend. Facing Ohio State, a team they haven’t defeated in decades, the odds may not be in their favor, but there’s no doubt they’ll give their best effort.

Complicating matters are several injuries plaguing Minnesota, with the status of key player Darius Taylor, the team’s leading rusher, in question. His potential absence would pose a significant challenge, especially considering the importance of the ground game to their success.

Minnesota’s offensive struggles are evident, ranking near the bottom nationally in various categories, making it challenging to match Ohio State’s formidable offense. While the defense has performed slightly better, particularly against the run, the lack of standout playmakers on the defensive side could leave them vulnerable in the passing game. Despite the excellence of wide receiver Daniel Jackson, who is yet to face a secondary of this caliber, the defensive end Tyler Nubin, boasting four interceptions, is poised for a significant role against Ohio State’s deep and talented wide receiver group.

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