Buckeyes Mid-Week News And Notes: 11/22

November 22, 2023

Andy Billman

Three Things Heading Into the Game Against Michigan This Weekend

1 – Respect the rivalry and emotions 

Head Coach Ryan Day spoke to the press about how you must play with emotion against Michigan but not allow “your emotions play with you.”  

He also mentioned respecting this rivalry; the team must “work at it every day.”  

Day is feeling good heading into Saturday, “this has been a great group to build with, a great group to coach. We’re going to have another great week of practice, and I can’t wait to see them play on Saturday.”

2 – Quarterback battle

There will be many comparisons between Buckeye quarterback Kyle McCord and Wolverine quarterback JJ McCarthy. Ohio State selected McCord over McCarthy, who grew up a Buckeye fan. 

The numbers will tell you that both have very similar stats in 2023, with McCord having more yards and touchdowns and McCarthy having the better passing rating. 

McCord understands the importance of this game, “the biggest thing for me is just winning this game by any means necessary.”

3 – Run game

Defensive coordinator Jim Knowles spoke at length about the importance of stopping or slowing Michigan’s running attack.  Knowles told the press, “Their offensive line is talented, their running backs are talented. There’s an exactness that our players need to understand, and that’s my job.”

One note is that Michigan’s run attack is more based on holding the ball. They rack up yards but are outside the top ten in that category.  They want to sit on the ball and wear down the defense. 

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