Ohio State Football: Spring Game Reactions

April 17, 2023

Andy Billman

Beautiful weather brought over 75,000 die-hard Buckeye fans to The Shoe on Saturday to watch the Ohio State football team’s Spring Game, hoping to catch a glimpse of the offensive firepower that would dominate the upcoming season. All eyes were on Kyle McCord, who was slated to be the sole quarterback receiving first-team reps.

However, as the game unfolded, we couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by the performance of the first-team offense. Granted, they were missing key wide receivers and star running back TreVeyon Henderson, but they were left craving more from the offense.

While showing flashes of potential, McCord didn’t look as sharp as we had hoped. He had some good moments, but there were more bad than good. We’re not ready to hit the panic button on him being the starting quarterback just yet, but we can’t say we’re thrilled with what we saw. Considering his time in the program, we expected him to be more polished.

On a positive note, the defensive line looked impressive, which was encouraging to see. The secondary also didn’t give up any big plays, which is definitely a plus. If they can maintain that level of performance heading into the season, this team could be formidable.

We didn’t anticipate the offense struggling to this extent, but we also have to remind ourselves that it’s still just the Spring. The quarterback battle is far from over, despite what we previously thought. Devin Brown is still very much in contention for the starting job once he’s fully recovered from his finger injury.

As Buckeyes fans, we have mixed feelings after watching the Spring Game. While there are areas of concern, there are also reasons for optimism. With some adjustments and improvements, we’re hopeful that this 2023 team will find its groove and live up to the high expectations of Buckeye Nation in the upcoming season. Go Bucks!

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