Cavaliers Mobley/Garland Injuries

December 16, 2023

Andy Billman

With all the injuries, how do the Cavs move forward without Darius Garland and Evan Mobley?

1 – Craig Porter Jr. 

Replacing point guard Darius Garland is a challenging task.  No doubt, Donovan Mitchell will be handling the ball more, but the Cavaliers will need Craig Porter Jr to keep playing well, as he will be called on to do a lot more.

Sam Merrill will also be seeing more time at guard, but the Cavs are a point guard short.  Cleveland must go on the market and grab a point guard to back up Porter. 

2 – Replacing Mobley

Replacing Even Mobley is more challenging for the Cavs compared to Garland. I’m not sure if there’s any easy solution, as Cleveland is losing its main protector of the rim for possibly the next two months.  Dean Wade is going to be starting in his place. Tristan Thompson will be called on to do a lot more and can protect the rim, but I am not sure if he’s reliable for 20-25 minutes a night. Emoni Bates getting a handful of minutes makes sense.

As for the defense, Jarrett Allen will have to play better and step up his defensive game.

3 – Trading Mitchell

There will be a lot of fans and possibly journalists calling out for the trading of Mitchell, but I will be the first to say I would not do that.  The Cavaliers are returning both Garland and Mobley before March, which will give them ample time to prepare for the playoffs.

Getting a good playoff seed is no longer the goal, it is getting into the playoffs and then getting the team healthy for a playoff run.

If the wheels fall completely off, and the Cavs don’t make the playoffs, then the discussion has to be had about trading Mitchell in the offseason.  


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