Browns/Jets: Keys To Victory Week 17

December 28, 2023

Andy Billman Tony Camino

Cleveland Browns vs NY Jets Match-Ups:

What an exciting time to be a Browns fan, as the heavily favored Cleveland Browns march onto the field to hopefully clinch a playoff birth against the struggling NY Jets in late December.

In the past, games like this would be ultra nerve-wracking, with the heavily favored Browns team playing the underdog NY Jets, but this game feels so different from years past.  This club has a lot of confidence, as it should with Cleveland winning seven out of its last ten. 

This game is not hard to break down; it is pretty simple for the matchups. 

The Jets have a good defense, as they rank 3rd overall in total yards and 2nd in the NFL in passing yards.  Joe Flacco must be careful with the football, as New York has a talented secondary.  The Browns offensive line will be challenged to protect Flacco and open running lanes.

But this game tilts in the Browns’ favor because the Jets are considered one of the worst offenses in the league.  Myles Garret, Denzel Ward, JOK, and Martin Emerson should all be considered for big games.

If the Browns don’t turn the ball over, they will be in great shape to win, as the Jets’ offense relies on their defense for good field position.

Special teams for both are having issues, as the Browns will not have Dustin Hopkins, and kicker Greg Zuerlein for the Jets is battling quadricep injuries and is listed as questionable.  The dependable kickers for both teams are battling issues, and neither team has an edge in this area. 

The Browns need to put the Jets down early, as I can see New York checking out of this game if they are down by ten-plus by the end of the first quarter. The longer the Jets stay around, the more dangerous the game gets, so Cleveland getting a lead early goes a long way. 

Get excited Cleveland, it should be a defense-filled game with the Browns clinching a playoff birth because of the Jets’ inability to score on offense without Aaron Rodgers

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