Browns – Preseason Weekend Thoughts – 5/27/23

May 27, 2023

Andy Billman

106 Days Till Season Opener

3 things about the Cleveland Browns on Memorial Day weekend:

1 – All In 

It is time for the Cleveland Browns to go all in and try to sign DeAndre Hopkins. The Browns have just under 7 million left in the bank currently, they would have to get creative to sign DeAndre and it is time to get creative. The reason is obvious, I believe it will make Deshaun Watson feel comfortable and confident and the offense has the potential to be explosive with Hopkins.  Adding Hopkins along with Amari Cooper and Nick Chubb, the Browns’ offense would jump with expectations, which is a good thing.

2 – No Myles Garrett in OTAs 

A lot has been written this week about Myles Garrett not being in for OTAs.  I have learned this throughout the years, I would not get too high or too low with OTAs as it rarely translates into the regular season.  That said, it would have been nice to have seen Garrett in practice, especially with the large turnout of defensive starters. 

3 – Juan Thornhill is ready to win 

Juan Thornhill made headlines with this quote that came out of his talk with the press:

“You don’t want to be walking around with fans saying, ‘I don’t know if you’re going to win or not. I hope we win this year.’ We don’t want to see that as a team. We want those guys to be behind us, pushing us every day. Once you have your fans backing you up, they make us want to play harder for you, as fans.”

I don’t believe Thornhill is correct as we as fans have the right to say whatever is on our minds, but what I do like is Thornhill’s emotion and wanting to winIn the analytics world of the Browns, it is nice to hear a player have emotion, which at times is really lacking on this team.  Thornhill is correct about his emotion but it should be directed inside of Berea. 

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