Week 3 Browns vs. Titans – Post-Game Summary Report and Game Balls With Andy B. and Tony C.

September 28, 2023

Andy Billman Tony Camino

A look back at the Brown’s win to the Titans 27-3

1 – What impresses you the most about the Browns defensive unit?


What is so impressive to me about Brown’s defense is the depth.  It is not just about one position group or one or two players; multiple players are at high levels in 2023.

Players like Grant Delpit and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah contribute to the team at high levels like they never have before in their careers.  Add in Myles Garrett, Za’Darius Smith, Denzel Ward, and Marvin Emerson, who are proven and playing at an elite level, and there are multiple others you could mention as well. 

Garrett is the leader on the defense, but for the first time, you can tell it is not all on his shoulders. He can play free and have fun, which is evident when you watch the defense.  The depth allows Garrett to have more of an impact on the game.

What is also impressive is the Browns get off the field so quickly. They do not allow third-down conversions like they have in the past.  This is not a home run-hitting club that just gets turnovers; they wear down the opponent mentally by not being able to have a lot of plays on offense and keeping the opponent’s defense on the field, which helps fuel the Brown’s offense.


Through three games, the most significant aspect of this Browns’ defense that was difficult to imagine at times last year is that not only is there no weakness in this unit, but every part might actually be a strength. Starting with the defensive line, there aren’t many pass-rushing duos better than Myles Garrett and Za’Darius Smith, and there definitely aren’t any better trios when you add Ogbo Okoronkwo to the mix. The interior defensive line consisting of Tomlinson, Harris, Hurst, and Elliot has been incredible and represents a complete transformation from last year.

At linebacker, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is playing with the same freedom and speed as his rookie year, and Anthony Walker is consistently positioning himself favorably on the field. The secondary doesn’t experience any drop-off either, with the trio of Denzel Ward, Martin Emerson, and Greg Newsome being among the best cornerback trios in football. When you tie it all together with Grant Delpit and Juan Thornhill in the backend, it’s a perfect combination.

This unit has no weaknesses, and there isn’t even a part right now that isn’t a strength. The depth is evident, with Maurice Hurst, Alex Wright, Rodney McLoed, and Cameron Mitchell all playing impactful football early. This unit is strong from top to bottom, and they are having more fun than any unit I have ever seen in the NFL.

2 – Who deserves the most credit for the Browns defensive unit?


If I have to give credit to one person, it would be Myles Garrett, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Since he was chosen first overall in 2017, Garrett has consistently been a game-wrecker. Even during the periods when the Browns had weaker defenses after his selection, opposing offenses would focus on him, but he still managed to excel beyond his role. With the additions of talented players on the defensive line and in the secondary, we now have a full season to witness just how dominant he can be.

Credit goes to everyone in this unit, from each player to Jim Schwartz, and all the way up to Andrew Berry. The acquisition of Za’Darius Smith as a fifth-round pick continues to look more impressive with each passing day, Ogbo Okornkwo’s under-the-radar addition has been fantastic, and the transformation of the defensive tackle group has turned the run defense from one of the worst in the league into perhaps the best.

The improvements from players within the team, such as Grant Delpit, and the return of Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah to his rookie form, are just as crucial to the emergence of this unit as anyone else. This complete 180-degree turnaround, going from one of the league’s worst defenses to potentially the best in just one offseason, cannot be attributed to just one person. It’s a collective effort, with players, coaches, and the front office all operating on the same page.


This answer has a three-part answer, but the most deserving person of credit for the dominant defense should be defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. It is simply remarkable how well this defense is playing compared to 2022.  Remember the miscommunication on defense last year, seems like years ago.  This team plays with a lot of communication and passion, and finally, this defense has an attitude that has yet to be noticed since the team was back in 1999.  The leadership by Schwartz is on display constantly.  Schwartz has been the most significant addition to this team in the 2023 season, and it is not even close.

Then there is GM Andrew Berry, who deserves a nod for putting this roster together.  The upgrade to the defensive line was the final touch, but all of the drafting in the secondary has paid off, along with the linebackers.  Berry’s defensive roster plan has paid off, and at a time when Brown’s budgeting is stretched, Berry has been Houdini with the numbers and the roster.

Finally, there’s DE Myles Garrett as Tony wrote about above.

All three Schwartz, Berry, and Garrett should be credited with Schwartz earning the highest kudos.

3 – Is Deshaun Watson finally back, or is it still a work in progress?


It would be great to say everything is back to normal, but the reality is QB Deshaun Watson is still a work in progress to finding consistency.  That said, he took a big leap forward in his progress which gives hope that he might be coming out of it. Watson does need more time as the team does as well on offense to find itself running on all cylinders.  A big help has been WR Amari Cooper, as clearly they are grooving and have great chemistry.

I do believe that Head Coach Kevin Stefanski is starting to find his way with calling plays on offense and that is not easy without RB Nick Chubb.  Stefanski is going to have to find a running game in the next few games along with developing Watson, RB Jerome Ford did show some signs of being able to handle the load but I actually believe that is also a work in progress.  Ford has not played a full season getting the bulk load of carries.  It’s possible that he could wear down. 

As Stefanski continues to develop his offensive play calling, it should help with Watson on the field. Watson and Stefanski are linked going forward, so keep that in mind as we watch the offense.


One week doesn’t determine whether a guy is ruined or back, as I was pointing out following the first two games of the season. However, there were many positive aspects to Deshaun Watson’s performance in this game. Despite the Titans’ pass defense being ranked relatively poorly compared to their run defense, open opportunities were scarce in this match. Watson didn’t have the luxury of sitting in a flawless pocket and throwing to wide-open receivers. The Titans actually did an excellent job in coverage, except for the late touchdown to Amari Cooper where they seemed to let up.

This week marked a significant step in the right direction and demonstrated that Watson still possesses that innate ability. He eluded pressure on multiple occasions and consistently delivered perfectly placed back-shoulder fades up the sideline. At times, it appeared that releasing the ball a fraction of a second earlier might have been better, but the incredible velocity he put on the ball made that irrelevant.

His accuracy was impressive for the most part, he showcased his vintage ability to escape pressure, and his decision-making was solid, with the exception of the lateral to Elijah Moore on the broken RPO. While it’s true that the Titans’ pass defense isn’t the best in the NFL, they covered exceptionally well on Sunday, and Watson and his receivers overcame them with precise throws and receptions. In the upcoming weeks, opposing teams may not maintain such tight coverage as the Titans did, and a gradual shift toward a shotgun offense will likely aid Watson in returning to elite-level QB play.

4 – Should Amari Cooper get more recognition?


Through a season and three games with the Browns, Amari Cooper is well on his way to becoming the best wide receiver in franchise history. The contenders for that title probably include Josh Gordon, Webster Slaughter, or Jarvis Landry, but none of those individuals achieved multiple thousand-yard seasons with the team. Cooper is an exceptional talent and represents yet another brilliant move by Andrew Berry to bring him to Cleveland for just a fifth-round pick.

Cooper’s elite status as a route runner is particularly evident in his releases. He demonstrates a high level of technical skill and intelligence in the way he runs routes. Each move he makes is strategically designed to set up something else. Cooper excels in the finer points of being a receiver, such as showing his hands late, finding openings in coverage, and using his body to create a path for making catches.

When all is said and done, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cooper is ultimately considered the best receiver in Browns’ history. Given this possibility, he unquestionably deserves more recognition. He epitomizes consistency and plays a significant role in why this passing attack has the potential to be so potent in the future.


I am not sure why, but Amari Cooper kind of gets forgotten by fans and by the media.  Cooper is a very good receiver who is not flashy and is a team player.  Think about that, he is a good player who does not cause a problem in the locker room and yet we never hear about him!!  Shame on all of us, Cooper deserves more claim by everybody.

Cooper needs to get more recognition period.  On top of being productive on the field, and well-liked on the team, Cooper gets along and has good communication with both Watson and Stefanski.

All hail Amari Cooper!!

Game Balls

Andy – Myles Garrett

Tony – Myles Garrett (Amari Cooper if we have to be different, but clearly Myles)

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