Recap Playoff Game 1 Loss | Cavs vs. Knicks

April 17, 2023

Todd Hall


In game 1 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks, the lack of rebounding by the Cavs was a glaring weakness. The Knicks’ reserves were making a positive impact on the game, controlling the boards and giving them an advantage.

Coach Bickerstaff seemed to only trust a handful of players, which limited their options and flexibility on the court. Okoro showed some promise on defense, but his struggles as a shooter affected the team’s offensive spacing. Osman had a tough time containing Brunson, and LeVert, Wade, and Rubio didn’t quite find their groove.

It’s frustrating to see our star players, like Mitchell, Garland, Allen, and Mobley, playing well but not getting enough support in the rebounding department. It’s time to dig deep into our bench and consider players like Stevens to turn the tide and gain control of the boards.

On the other side, Randle’s health was a concern for the Knicks, but he toughed it out and started the game. However, his shooting was inconsistent, mostly relying on outside shots. Randle’s size and ball-handling could be an advantage against Mobley’s defense, but only if he’s fully healthy.

The game was a gritty, low-scoring affair, and it’s clear that the Cavs need to address their rebounding issues and make adjustments going forward. They can’t afford to be outrebounded in such a crucial playoff matchup. It’s time to regroup, come back stronger, and fight for control of the boards in the upcoming games. The crucial game this coming Tuesday!

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