OSU Buckeyes 2024 and 2025 Football Schedule Observations | Big Ten

June 14, 2023

Andy Billman

3 things of note after the Big Ten announcement of in-conference games for 2024 and 2025 in regard to the Ohio State Buckeyes:

1 – Penn State goes away 

I am a huge Big Ten fan growing up in Ohio and I enjoy the Big Ten traditions that come along with it.  That said, the Big Ten at times feels like a fuddy-duddy and the conference not recognizing Ohio State and Penn State as a rivalry that should be kept is another moment that feels outdated.  

With the importance of high school football alone in the neighboring states, it means a lot to the residents in both states.  Add that both teams are normally ranked in the top 15, and the traditions that come along with it, Penn State and Ohio State make for a special game once a year.  

The Big 10 should take advantage of this game, as it is a showcase for the conference, a television programmer’s dream yearly.  Instead, they fought to keep Rutgers/Maryland and Wisconsin/Iowa, I mean really?  Not put down either game, but nationally fans want to watch Ohio State/Penn State, PERIOD!  

When I get asked why the SEC gets more publicity and more attention than the Big Ten, I point to moments like this as the SEC always seems to have a deeper understanding of the importance of rivalries and traditions that are still current today.  This is a big miss by the Big Ten.  Get your popcorn ready for Terrapins and Scarlet Knights. 

2 – 2024 – Light Home Schedule 

The 2024 home games broke out with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern, and Rutgers.  On paper, this home schedule, outside of Michigan, is very digestible with Ohio State being the heavy favorite in the other four games. The road games include Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, and UCLA.   Going to the Rose Bowl will be fun for fans as the Buckeyes play the Bruins and as we mentioned above, the Penn State game will have a lot of energy with the series taking a break in 2025. 

3 – 2025 – Challenging 

2025 is not as fun as 2024 for the Buckeyes.  They have an additional road game having five total including at Ann Arbor, at Madison, and at West Lafayette.  I mention Purdue as Ohio State has had multiple challenges in the past when playing at Ross-Ade Stadium.  The home schedule brings USC and Nebraska, figuring Nebraska should be improved with new Cornhuskers Coach Matt Rhule which makes half of the home slate challenging.  A lot more possible losses in 2025 compared to 2024. 

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