Former Indians Manny Ramirez/Dale Mitchell were named to the Guardians Hall of Fame.

April 24, 2023

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Former Cleveland Indian star Manny Ramirez, selected as the 13th overall pick in the 1991 MLB Draft from George Washington High School in New York, NY, was a key player on the Cleveland teams of the late 1990s. During his eight-year tenure with the club, Ramirez established himself as one of baseball’s most formidable sluggers, helping the team win two AL championships and five Central Division titles. He narrowly missed out on the 1994 AL Rookie of the Year award and went on to represent the team in four All-Star games, earning three Silver Slugger awards in the process. Ramirez’s contribution to the team’s history is evident, with him ranking high in various statistical categories such as slugging pct., OB+SLG, HR, OBP, RBI, and extra-base hits. He holds the franchise record for most RBI in a single season with 165 during the 1999 season.

Dale Mitchell, an outfielder who won the 1948 World Series with the Indians, will also be inducted into the Guardians Hall of Fame. Mitchell spent the majority of his career with the team and represented them in two All-Star games. In 1949, he led the AL in hits and triples, ranking second in the latter category for a single season all-time for Cleveland with 23. His .312 batting average is the 14th best in franchise history, and he finished in the top-5 of the AL batting average three times. Mitchell was also an excellent outfielder, earning the best fielding percentage for an AL left fielder in three seasons. Before his career with Cleveland, he served as a quartermaster in the Army Air Force from 1942-1945.

The Guardians Hall of Fame, the first team hall of fame in baseball established in 1951, will hold its 18th induction ceremony on Saturday, August 19, vs. Detroit at 7:10 pm. As part of the celebrations, 12,500 fans will receive a Manny Ramirez bobblehead courtesy of Medical Mutual.

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