Rosario for Syndergaard Trade Thoughts/Impact

July 27, 2023

Andy Billman

3 Things Guardians Amed Rosario for Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Trade

1 – No more Super Rosario 

Amed Rosario being traded yesterday was inevitable, as he was not returning in 2024.  Let’s start with that note and understand that Rosario’s time was ending in Cleveland, so moving him before the deadline makes sense. 
Rosario also did not bring much trade value, so to think some magic haul or allusive power hitter was coming to Cleveland in a trade for Rosario is also not fair.  Jose Ramirez and others in the locker room will miss Rosario. He was well-liked in the clubhouse. 
On the field, Rosario’s 2023 numbers at the plate were ok, he did hit in the clutch this season with two outs, and he does well against lefties.  His typical slow start happened, and he did heat up in July before the all-star break, but his numbers did cool a bit after the break.  
Rosario struggled with his glove, he had multiple errors that left one cringing, and fans this season always held their breath when he caught the ball.
I am going to miss Rosario, and I really enjoyed the smile and energy he brought to the club.  He had a nice career in Cleveland, but I understand trading him as he was not going to be in Cleveland next season. 

2 –  Why Syndergaard?

The reason for the Guardians to trade for pitcher Noah Syndergaard is simple; they need a veteran starter down the stretch.  Syndergaard comes to Cleveland rehabbing with an ERA over seven, but that’s how dire it is.  Shane Bieber is not coming back until mid-September at the earliest, and Triston McKenzie might return in September, but that is very questionable with McKenzie.  Add to the fact there’s no timetable on a return for Cal Quantrill and Zach Plesac is struggling in Columbus, no possible hope in the Guardians getting a veteran to come back in the month of August.

That’s the reason for this trade; Cleveland can not rely on a four-man rookie rotation in the heat of a division race with a bullpen that needs more rest than usage.  Syndergaard is a rental, and he’s needed right now to help this team down the stretch without blowing out the young arms or bullpen.  

Yes, this deal is not sexy or brings in a young big bat, but that was never going to happen when trading Rosario.  Hopefully, the Guardians can help Syndergaard find his mojo, but this trade makes sense and should be considered necessary. 

3 – What’s next?

Hopefully, Syndergaard can make a start for the Guardians by early August, as they really could use the arm.  That’s the most important part of what is next. They need a veteran arm pronto to join this staff. 

As for shortstop, I would select Tyler Freeman as the new everyday player, and I believe he will get some starts.  Gabriel Arias will get a look, and I know fans are clamoring for Brayan Rocchio, and Im sure he will be here before the season is out.   I really hope Freeman gets the majority of starts, as I want to see what he can do playing five to six games a week, not two or three.


 I like the deal but don’t love it, and with the current state of the pitching staff, it had to be done. 

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